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Legal Operations for Small Legal Departments

Does your legal department operate in the most strategic way possible?

That is the question fueling the impressive rise of the legal operations function in legal departments around the world. While the focus has been on hiring legal operations executives to initiate change, for general counsel working in small to mid-sized legal departments, or even alone, that may not be an option.

In such case, general counsel will be expected to assess the legal operations side of their job and select the right technology that will be instrumental in creating value and assuming the role of strategic business partner.

“Legal Operations for Small Legal Departments” explores how small legal departments can leverage technology to drive efficiency, control costs and deliver legal services in alignment with the priorities and goals of the company they serve. Then, to help you select the right technology for your needs, we compare the main types of technology and how they fit to the maturity and focus of your legal department.

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