On Demand Webinar

Legal Tech: How to build your future-ready legal department

Faced with increasing information complexity, changing client demands and shifting market forces, legal professionals are turning to technology to help them achieve better outcomes. However, not all in-house lawyers are doing so at the same pace, and those already leveraging technology have an early adopter advantage, including higher profitability and readiness to take on change.

The legal industry has been relatively slow to adapt, but now that technology is becoming an essential part of your daily work, it’s time to learn how Legal Tech can help you build your future-ready legal department. With a wide range of solutions available on the market, it can be quite hard to identify the right fit for your legal team. Our goal is to help create a better understanding and help you get started, or give you the inspiration needed to take the next step.

Watch this Wolters Kluwer webinar in partnership with IACCM and learn:

• How to clear the fog around Legal Tech and identify what you need
• How to prepare your case to sell your project internally
• How to plan and initiate your Legal Tech project
Watch the webinar
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