Best Practices for Preventing a Data Breach & Avoiding Liability

Keep your legal data safe. Understand why data breaches can occur, what security measures you can implement to reduce your risk and how to establish an effective data breach management plan.


Data breaches are a concern for everyone right now, and General Counsel are increasingly required to play a bigger role in managing the risks. According to a Legal Week Intelligence report, nearly 50% of general counsel say planning for cyber-security incidents and responding to breaches is now part of their job. Are you ready to play a more proactive role to protect your company from data security threats and reduce the risk of liability? In our latest whitepaper, “Best Practices for Preventing a Data Breach & Avoiding Liability”, we explore the most prevalent types of data security incidents that result in data breaches to help you identify where you are vulnerable, take mitigation measures and avoid liability by adopting a structured approach to data breach management using technology.


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  • Share. Give permission-based access to different departments to allow them to see the information that helps them do their jobs better.
  • Empower. Set up self-service portals to enable different departments to manage their own legal affairs, with your legal oversight.